TLG Series

Newly Developed, High Performance
The TLG Series utilizes damper winding, Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) and coupled with latest alternator. The performance characteristics have been further enhance, as reflected by extremely low voltage regulation and minimal waveform distortion.

Automatic Air Extraction
Air trapped in the fuel system can be troublesome. Automatic air extraction features has become a standard for all the generator. Simply crank the engine to get your generator started.

Easy Maintenance
Daily maintenance and inspection can be carried out on one side of the machine. Radiator tank can be easily cleaned by removing the back cover.

Quiet Operation
TLG high speed generator operates at low noise level. This has been achieved by using highly effective sound insulating materials and a unique duct construction, which is part of the advance cooling system developed by Denyo.

Environmental Friendly
The Engines used in these generators meet the Californian atmospheric pollution regulation, which is one of the world most stringent anti-pollution standards. This is achieved by these engine using PCV (Plug Control Valve) system. Therefore, these engines do not discharge blow by gas to the outside which keep the interior of the machine cleaner and exhaust emission are minimised.