What are the applications for power diesel generator?

Engine generator are available as general-use type, emergency use type and mobile use type for various applications, and are classified as stationary type or mobile type depending on the method of installation.

General use type

The engine generator can be used as a general use power source on a remote island or in areas where no power supply Is available from a power company, or in any situation where the power supply from a power company involve a huge cost, thus creating economical disadvantage.

Emergency Use type

Even a momentary power failure is not permissible in the important public utilities such as gas or water supply or sewage plants, or in the broadcasting station and Tele communication industry that play a key role in the information age ,residential and commercial outlets. An unexpected power failure occurring in a department store, hotel, and hospital will cause a functional disorder or even loss of life.

In event of disaster, emergency –use generators for standby (other than for disaster prevention). Disaster prevention generator should be installed as power source for firefighting equipment. General power failure use generators are use for purposes other than disaster prevention, and they are started up either manually or automatically in combination with an automatic main failure (AMF panel).

Mobility-use type

Mobile use generator are available in a transportable, compact, lightweight design for easy movement to civil engineering, construction or road works site and as a vehicle mounted type for use in communication facilities requirement movement.

Classification by installation method

Engine generators are classified into mobile engine generators (transportable-type. vehicle-mounted type and power source car type) and stationary engine generators.

1. Transportable engine generators

Transportable engine generators are used as power sources for general construction work machines, building works, agricultural, fishery and other general works.

2. Vehicle mounted engine generators

Engine generators of this type are mounted on medical examination wagons, communications link repeater cars, tv relay wagon and other power source vehicle used for various events.

3. Stationary engine generators

Stationary engine generators are used as emergency power source in houses, buildings, factories, and as general use power sources in isolated area, convenience stores, leisure facilities where the peak use of electricity is limited to specific time period, and hotel with which the economical contract of power supply is made

4. How do we classified engine generators?

Classification of frequency

The power frequencies are 50 hz/ 60 HZ It is essential that engine generators be operated at one or other of these frequencies. In general, the transportable type engine generator with a power output of 7.5kva or more will be a 50 hz/60hz dual machine, but it should be noted that the transportable type with an output of less than 7.5kva and the stationary type engine generator are 50hz or 60hz only machine. In Pakistan frequency is 50hz and all model of Denyo DGsets are set to operate at 50hz.

Classification by Phase

AC power for home use is transmitted as single phase and the driving power used in plants as three phases. Engine generator is available in a single or three phase type to match the application. Engine generators of less than 5kva are of the single phase type and those of 5kva or more are of the three phase type.

Classification by Voltage

The single phase engine generators are restricted to 50 Hz 200/220V and at 60 Hz 200/240V the three phase engine generators are designed for dual operations at 50 Hz – 190~220V or 380~440V and at 60 Hz 190~240V or 380~480V. Denyo engine generators of 100kva or more (rated output at 60hz) excluding 1100SP type) are capable of switch over between an output of 50Hz-200V and 400V, or 60Hz-220V and 440V( dual voltage specifications).