About Us

Electricity is the primary element of life, realizing the importance of power shortage in the country Base Ten International (BTI) is responsibly serving the emerging demand of power by marketing power products to its customers countrywide.

Base Ten International is a power Source Company providing solutions and services offering world renowned Denyo Japan diesel generator sets, welders , compressors , Tailor made solar power solutions, also engaged in supplying batteries for telecom application and Elevators.

Mission statement

  • To provide business continuity by delivering top quality products and services on nationwide basis, offer services to clients with the view to build confidence by ensuring provision of responsive services with clear distinction of “RELIABILITY” BTI remains dedicated to putting customer first.
  • To empower its employees through a corporate culture of professionalism and open communication thus enabling them to be proactive in providing premium solutions to customer needs.

Our Goal

Since inception it has been BTI goal to be a innovative leading supplier of products and services in the market in which it operates. To this end it has focused on getting detailed understanding of market, building relationship and setting up required infrastructure to support such an operation.

Company History

Base Ten International is leading company marketing world renowned generators. Founded in 1991 the company has track record of successful achievements in the field of machinery and parts.

Company entered into power business in 1999 and started marketing diesel generating sets and allied equipments.

Base Ten International is engaged in sales and service activities of machinery and engineering products, in order to follow family legacy and expand the business Mr Mujeeb Malik through his vision and foresight entered into power business in 1999 to market power products, since its commencement the company has never looked back and is now one of the leading company marketing generator sets in residential, commercial and Telecom sector.

BTI provide solutions and services offering world renowned Denyo diesel generator sets, solar power solutions, batteries for telecom application and Elevators.

BTI business activity includes sale and providing after sales support for its products in Government, Private and public sector of Pakistan.BTI offer its products and services through Head office in Karachi and branch offices in Lahore and Islamabad.


a. Sales and marketing
b. Rental services
c. Service, Maintenance,& overhauling
d. After Sales Support


  • Denyo Soundproof Electric Generators
  • Denyo Welders,
  • Denyo Compressors
  • Auto mains failure and transfer panels (ATS Panels
  • Batteries (GS Yuasa) for telecom application
  • BTI Solar power solution.
  • IFE Elevators


• Installation and commissioning
• DG sets deployment on rent/Rental services
• Maintenance & over hauling
• After Sales Support of all products

Quality policy

  • High Quality service and support


  • Customer satisfaction

Service pledge

  • First Class Service to meet international standards

EHS Policy

  • Dedicated person responsible for health & safety of employee
  • Reporting procedure of all severe accidents / incidents to management
  • Provide safety / proactive equipment to workers
  • Emergency / Evacuation plan
  • Access to safe drinking water
  • Access to clean & sanitary toilet facility